Where the business is of a size, or at a stage in its development cycle, where it does not require or want the expense of a highly experienced full-time CFO or senior additional resource, but does require such input on a part-time basis or on an “as needed” retainer basis.



Ongoing CFO Services

Part-time senior CFO resource and high-ended senior executive team / board input and challenge, when the business does not require that level of input or expense on a full-time ongoing basis


  • At times during a business’ evolution it is often a false economy to employ a more junior  Finance Director and it is better to employ suitable resources for the day to day finance function and have access to a senior CFO for a limited amount of time per month and “on call”


Ongoing external high-ended resource to act as an “extra pair of eyes”, sounding board and challenge for senior executive teams


Ongoing challenge in respect of risk identification and management


Coaching and mentoring of managers within finance functions who have the potential to become the FD in the future. CFO&More can “plug” the knowledge and experience gap until the potential has been realised. 

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