CFO & More provides ongoing part-time senior executive and CFO services to developing firms within the financial services industry that are not yet in need of such senior resource on a full-time basis. CFO & More also provides senior executive and board resource to focus on opportunities such as acquisitions, sales, restructures or challenges arising from regulator feedback or intervention.



Where the business has a significant opportunity which, in-house there is neither the expertise nor the capacity to handle effectively, CFO&More offers additional high level resource to ensure the maximum benefit is captured from the opportunity and execution risk is minimised.


Where the business is of a size, or at a stage in its development cycle, where it does not require or want the expense of a highly experienced full-time CFO or senior additional resource, but does require such input on a part-time basis or on an “as needed” retainer basis.

Strategic Focus

Where the business wants to build a strategic plan to provide medium and long term focus to take the business to the next level, CFO&More will provide an independent experienced resource to lead the formulation, capture and documentation of a strategic plan and roadmap. 

Tactical Solutions

Where the business has a short term or immediate issue, or simply when it seeks an external pair of eyes to examine if more profit can be generated. CFO & More can provide tactical, short term solutions and crisis management

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