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Crisis & Tactical Risk Management

CFO & MORE provides direction and leadership for businesses either anticipating or experiencing various crises. We ensure there are ample resources and focus dedicated to negating or mitigating risks to the fullest extent.

Our team has extensive experience in advising, guiding and managing firms through stress events, bringing decisive solutions to your business at the top level, such as:

  • High level external and independent review of the business and its situation, identifying the immediate actions to be taken;

  • Creation of a tailored and tactical plan for the short term;

  • Leading the implementation of the resultant plan, resolving any issues and improving the business’s outlook;

  • Leadership in executing significant change events necessary for success, including cost reduction, staff rationalisation, relocation, and more.

  • Developing fit for purpose governance frameworks for the future

  • Ensuring strong and healthy recoveries, thus building successful businesses going forward.


CFO & MORE can also provide leadership cover during periods of absence by any of the senior leadership team due to sabbaticals, illness, or gardening leave before replacements are found.

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