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Industry Coverage

The CFO & MORE team have a proven track record of working hand in hand with CEOs across a variety of fields to successfully drive strategy development and execution.

We are experienced in handling businesses at all stages of development in industries such as:

Financial Services 

Wealth Management 


Advisory, e.g. National IFAs

Financial Technology 

Software Development


Mobile App Development

Property Development

Development & Construction

Investment Property

Financial Management of Tenanted Estates 

Hospitality & Leisure 

International Resort Groups: 

Resort Construction

Hotel & Rentals

Our team at CFO & MORE has also operated on multiple boards, including within the FCA regulated arena during both periods of successful transformational change (such as acquisitions, disposals, rationalisations and restructurings), and stress type events (for example successfully navigating and implementing challenges and recommendations from the regulator).

Business Meeting

Types of Support

CFO & MORE can share our wealth of comprehensive business knowledge: Board responsibilities over periods of successful development have included Compliance, Risk, IT, Platform Development, Operations and HR, in addition to Finance.

  • Strong M&A and change management expertise, including “transformational” reverse type acquisition and successful execution of business plans post-completion

  • Planning and successful delivery of multiple reengineering and rationalisation projects   

  • Financial leadership, in particular for entities undergoing periods of significant budgetary challenge

  • Provision of senior resources to businesses lacking the capacity or specialisation to capture game changing opportunities

  • Planning and execution of a transformational event or restructuring - for example, an acquisition, sale or rationalisation

  • External review to provide support and generate tactical solutions in tackling short term difficulties

  • Independent evaluation to discover and assess opportunities to improve P&L, maximise revenue, and break into new markets

  • Comprehensive risk assessment of your business to identify and assess emerging risks, implementation of appropriate solutions, and creation of risk management frameworks

  • Expert guidance in analysing and responding to regulatory pressure

  • Access to senior and experienced CFO services in line with ambitions of the business, but which exceed their current size and budget

  • Determination of a cohesive medium to long term detailed strategy to focus the business on a clearly defined list of milestones and objectives 

  • Review and subsequent refinement of the current business plan, including strategies in securing additional investment or preparing for sale


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