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CFO & MORE offers all round M&A services; we identify optimal acquisition or merger targets, prepare the teaser, lead the negotiation of transactions, and actively manage the successful execution & transition all the way through to post-deal restructuring.

Our team is experienced in working closely with CEOs to execute transformational deals including through periods of significant economic turmoil, for example having been instrumental in IFG Group’s acquisition & integration of the UK’s largest independent provider of SIPPS, James Hay Partnership, from Santander Group in 2010. Further M&A expertise at CFO & MORE includes:

  • Advising on the optimal raising of finance

  • Business planning and execution of M&A, including managing the complex integration of IT systems and teams of professionals while achieving efficiency gains

  • Leading the development and negotiation of Share and Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Driving the subsequent consolidation and rationalisation of businesses at the executive and board level

  • Successfully completing further strategic initiatives following successful M&A events, such as implementing streamlined financial accounting solutions and reducing costs across the newly combined businesses

  • Holding overall responsibility for Finance, Risk, IT, Compliance and HR throughout such events in highly regulated spheres


CFO & MORE’s expert M&A practice excels through deep industry expertise, extensive attention to detail across all areas of the deal, and strategic vision throughout the process. If your firm needs to add value in an upcoming opportunity, do not hesitate to contact us.

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