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Apprenticeship in Finance at CFO & More

Financial Apprenticeship

At CFO & More, we are passionate about apprenticeships being the doorway to a successful career and an attractive alternative to the university route.

For a long time, apprenticeships appeared to be almost solely associated with traditional, more vocational trades such as construction, plumbing, beauty and hospitality. However, historically apprenticeships also provided the primary routes into the professions such as accountancy and law. We note that many of the “big four” accountancy firms are now using intakes from school, rather than exclusively from universities, and we strongly advocate this as an advantageous career path.

For the apprentice, it has the dual benefit of avoiding the burden of significant student loans whilst simultaneously generating an immediate level of income after school. Most importantly however, it provides a structured career path with training where the apprentice adds real value to the training firm.

As an employer, it means being able to train the apprentice on the job in the specific disciplines and skills that we require. It also allows employers to mould apprentices into their culture and values whilst benefiting from the injection of energy brought by enthusiastic young people. Yet apprenticeships are not limited to school leavers – older apprentices can also benefit from them whilst offering different benefits to the firm.

Although relatively small, CFO & More embarked on apprenticeship training 3 years ago, and we are delighted that our first apprentice Dominic is now part CIMA qualified and well on the way to achieving his professional qualification and those cherished letters after his name.


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