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  • Katherine Trezise

Why do values matter? The rewards of being selective about our clients

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Katherine Trezise - CFO & More
Why do values matter?

One of the key upsides in founding a business is being able to choose who you will work with. This isn’t only about what the business does, it’s about the people who run it, what they’re trying to achieve and, critically, how they go about pursuing it.

Aside from seeking clients where we can deliver improvements and support growth strategies, we are committed to only working with clients where:

· we like the ethos, proposition of the business and, most importantly, its people; and

· we can clearly see how we could make a real difference to the business.

What does this mean? It means we seek businesses that are committed to delivering quality for their customers, investing in their staff and engaging with their communities. Businesses that measure themselves by more than the bottom line.

It’s easy to make these assertions, but harder to put them into practice. You’d be right to ask, would we really walk away from lucrative retainer fees where a client didn’t share our values? The simple answer is not only that we would, but that we have.

Differences of experience, opinion, approach and even personality are critical to innovation and the running of a successful business, but mutual respect is also crucial and underpins our business and, taking it one step further, we seek to work with people we genuinely like.

While this approach to client selection may seem saccharine, we believe it has been fundamental in enabling us to build successful partnerships. It also means we enjoy working with our clients and they enjoy working with us.

We also believe in what we do, and what we can offer you. This is why we will only put forward a proposal to engage with you where we believe our input can make a meaningful difference to your business.


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