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  • Rebecca Watson

Testimonial - Michael Power, CEO of Delta Financial Systems

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Michael Power - Delta FS
CFO & More - Testimonial

“John and CFO & More have brought a wealth of experience and significant domain knowledge to Delta as we enhance our customer proposition, following our significant investment in re-platforming our market leading products, SIPP~Pro and SSAS~Pro, onto our new Platinum~Pro technology platform. Delta is consolidating its position as the UK’s leading provider of pension administration technology and expanding into the rapidly growing lifetime savings markets.

CFO & More was ideally placed to help Delta capitalise on its investment by providing outstanding senior board level resource with cross discipline expertise, particularly in pricing and also in areas such as risk, corporate governance, HR and operations as well as finance. John and CFO & More’s broad and deep experience from a regulatory and corporate governance perspective is helping prepare Delta for the exciting growth period we have ahead.

One of the many benefits of CFO & More to a company of Delta’s size and growth aspirations is that it provides invaluable board level input to drive strategy across all areas of Finance, HR and Operations without the need to employ an expensive senior CFO resource on a full time basis."

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